Content Marketing Explained.

The online world is cluttered with abstract and difficult concepts; Content Marketing doesn’t need to be one. Let’s break down how you can transform your knowledge of your profession to a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Basically, content marketing is the effort to attract attention to your website. Traditionally, you can attract people to your site by placing banner ads around the web to target your specific groups. This traditional method is effective, but it does usually cost money: this is where content marketing can come into play.

Content Marketing is Free

In contrast to other forms of marketing and advertising, Content Marketing can attract eyeballs, clicks and purchases without the added cost. That being said, it does cost some effort to produce original and eye-catching content. But if you assign 10 minutes every day to work on a blog post, a video, or perhaps an infographic, a weekly post is realistic.

Avoid The Commercial Approach

It’s easy to create your content through the prism of your ultimate goal: the sale. However, this should be avoided at all costs, because it clashes with the intrinsic motivation of the viewers. They clicked on the link because they found the headline and byline interesting, expecting to be informed by the content. Trying to sell something in the content would leave the viewer feeling tricked or cheated – not a good feeling to give possible customers.

Instead of selling, try explaining.

Do some research and write an interesting and enlightening article. Create a beautiful image, or a fascinating infographic. You can even share a hilarious cat video. By going that extra mile, your viewers feel like they got something from you, and are more likely to return. Furthermore, this positive feeling could also increase turnover rates upon their next visit.

Think of content marketing as a way of getting noticed and talked about online. Obviously, it takes time to build up a large viewer base, but the effort also gives you other advantages along the way.

By adding content to your website regularly, google robots register your site as active, which increases your google rating. Systematically placing keywords in your content (which should come naturally when you’re writing about your profession) also has a positive effect on your google ranking.

Finally, by doing the research and creating content, you might discover something new. You might actually have some fun while content marketing. Crazy, right?

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