Everyone has heard how Target Marketing is the most effective way to reach an audience, but that term is very general in scope. Let’s focus on a special “Target Marketing” concept that can make a big difference in your 2020 media plan. For the sake of this article, I’d like to focus on what I feel is a neglected source of prospects and possibly your best resource to target. Your own current customers.

Most businesses spend great sums of money on new customer attraction and little on mining their current customer base. If you sell a product that is not a once-in-a-lifetime purchase you’ll want to reach out to the satisfied customers in your database. As a successful business, you have hundreds or even thousands of satisfied customers that are great new sales leads for you to develop each year.

The most exciting and cost effective methods today to reach out to this group is using IP Match marketing. This is a cutting edge tactic where you can use your database of names and addresses of current customers and advertise to them directly. When we upload your customer database into our system we cross reference them to the ISP they are using to access the Internet and then deliver them a custom message.

For example: Let’s say you are a medical clinic or chiropractic office that has been in business a couple of years or so, and you have a good size database of customers. IP Match Campaigns can reach out to your current customer list at their physical address and deliver them a banner message inviting them to return to your firm for business. For example, “same day appointments for previous patients”.

In the past, reaching your current customers required either deploying an expensive direct mail campaign or acquiring email addresses from your customers. If you are like most businesses, you have neglected to collect your customer’s email addresses in your database. Hopefully, by now you are collecting email addresses in your database. But think of the possible past customers for which you have no email address. This new method allows you to reach everyone in your database as long as you have their physical address.

Don’t ignore your most important customer: your current one.

IP matching is the latest wave of digital advertising. Start using this method and stay relevant to your current customer.


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