Marketing & Advertising


As digital marketing consultants, we’ll work with you to determine the best course of action for your company, by collaborating with you to create the proper message to reach your goals that fit your advertising budget. The budget will help us determine whether we use traditional Media, digital marketing, or more of a “Guerrilla Marketing” approach. In today’s world you can no longer be just a traditional Advertising Agency and completely serve your clients.

Creative Agency

Hiring New Day Media as your marketing consultant and creative agency gives you a competitive advantage. Your creative content is the main ingredient in any marketing strategy. If designed properly the creative content of your advertising or marketing campaign allows you to get the greatest ROI. Your partnership with our creative team of copywriters, graphic designers, and videographers will give you the competitive advantage you are looking for.

We believe that the creative collaboration that we foster here at New Day Media is the component of our business that is most powerful. Having a strong message packaged with good creative, works across any advertising media or social media platform.

Digital Marketing Agency

If you are going to bring value to the table for your clients, you need to have every weapon in your arsenal to meet the challenges of the Digital Age. We are a digital marketing agency and reach local markets as well as the entire U.S. with our campaigns. We can take target marketing down to recent searches, look alike profiles, the number and types of devices in a home or business creating your best ROI.

We employ all the tools necessary to reach a digital audience like: email marketing, IP matching, display advertising, mobile marketing, digital display Ads, keyword or contextual campaigns, geo targeting and geo fencing, retargeting ads, digital ads, geo-conquesting or competitive geofencing strategies, CPC advertising, PPC ads, CTV/OTT Advertising, and social media marketing.

Media Buying

Media buying is a labor-intensive function of the advertising business. Our goal is to negotiate the best deals possible for the budget our clients provide. Included in the buying process are reviewing media offers, negotiating media contracts, submitting co-op paperwork, and auditing invoices and correct copy placement. Our professional knowledge of local and national media strategies delivers you the best ROI for every advertising dollar invested.

Marketing & Advertising

Successful Marketing Strategies to fit any Budget.

Video Production

Creative Solutions to Your Audiovisual Needs.

Program Distribution

Our attention to detail sets us apart from the competition.

Graphic Design

Top-Notch Advertising, the Traditional Way.

Digital Marketing

Marketing for the 21st Century.

Web Development

User-Friendly and Effective Web Development.

Smart TV Apps

Design Smart TV and Mobile Streaming Apps.

Social Media

Implementation of social media strategies and digital marketing.

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