Video Production

Video Marketing

Today, every business and organization needs to incorporate video as a tool to communicate their core message. While creating informal YouTube Videos and other social media videos are a part of the marketing strategy, you cannot overlook the need for professional video as well. Whether produced for YouTube or commercial television your videos need to be well thought out and should present your core message effectively.

As a premier video production company, we successfully produce a wide variety of content for outlets including broadcast television, streaming platforms, web video and social media platforms. We provide a complete range of video acquisition, production services, video editing, and distribution services.

Corporate Video Production

A video is a highly effective way to introduce your business to new customers. New Day Media’s creative team will produce a high quality videos that conveys your business’ or non-profit’s core beliefs and benefits sometimes call a corporate videos.


Creating effective TV Commercials takes extensive experience and require creative video production skills. A 30 second commercial spot can be very successful and reach a potential new audience. You must have both a clear message, and call to action. It is also critical to understand the difference between creating a direct response spot, a “brand” commercial, or a “sales” commercial.

We’ve produced hundreds of local and regional TV commercials for markets across the U.S.


Some clients need more than the standard 30 second TV spot to convey their desired message. We provide our clients long-form format video productions that feel more like a program than a commercial presentation. Direct Response Infomercial advertising is a more in-depth and detailed narrative than traditional television ads while providing ample opportunity for calls to action. We can help you determine the type that is best for your campaign.

Other Long-Form Videos

Advertising isn’t the only area that benefits from the Long Form Format. Our expertise extends to a wide variety of program types, including instructional and informational videos, personality videos, music videos, corporate videos, religious programming, safety training videos, HR training videos and so much more.

A Start-to-Finish Solution

 The process starts with scriptwriting and storyboarding. Once we have the main concepts on paper, our producers and videographers can scope out your location, hire the talent, design sets and props, and capture the video to tell your story. In the case of a corporate video, you may want to include some interviews with key personnel, as well as B-roll footage of the equipment or process. Then our video editors will choose the best segments, add graphics, special effects, music and professional voice overs to produce a video that tells your story in an engaging way.

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