An advertising agency is one of the best examples of a business where all departments need to work well together.
When a company produces everything from print materials to websites and commercials – like we do here at New Day Media – every department needs to know how to work well with each other.

For instance, producing a commercial from start to finish involves multiple departments. It involves video production, graphic design, closed captioning, and even social media. Obviously, the video production department writes the script, films the commercial, and edits the footage to create the final piece, but they need the graphic design department to create all the graphics needed. When the spot is completed, the closed captioning department finalizes it before sending it to the networks. The finalized commercial is also often sent to the social media department, so it can be posted on the client’s various social media pages. This is just one example project that involves all departments, but most projects need at least two departments working together to be completed.

Collaboration Inspires

Working together also allows everyone to collaborate for themes, ideas, and mockups for each project that is created. At the beginning of each project, we all discuss different ideas about what could be done for the project and how these ideas match up with current trends. Taking the best ideas from this brainstorm session, we create a mockup. From there the mockup is usually revised several times, getting more and more refined before the final piece. During each mockup stage, we collaborate as a team.

Learning through Collaboration

Cross-collaboration allows us to learn from each other to better our own skills and stay up to date on current software and trends. If someone from video production needs a small graphic created, or needs to know how to perform a specific task in a certain software, instead of just doing the work for them, we teach them how to do it. This creates a staff of “jacks of all trades”. Teaching others how to do things outside their forte also causes a ripple effect; now, they can spread the knowledge they just acquired.

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