Becoming a better videographer takes practice and diligence. It’s like any other skill, you need to practice it often and monitor your learning curve.

Videography only deviates from other skills in its measurability; there are no tests that will reaffirm that your training pays of. Some people may like one video more than another. They might even dislike one you put great effort in, and felt good about. But fear not. By following these 5 simple steps, you will take your video production skills to the next level.

How mounting a servo-zoom lens on your DSLR help increase production value.

At New Day Media we pride ourselves in our ability to offer creative solutions to video production. Now, we have mounted a Canon Broadcast-Style lens on our DSLR camera.

Effective Comunication

Ever wonder why reaching your potential customers is so hard? Maybe this can help.

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