GIFs: Because Sharing is Caring

By: Lars Lindtner 

In the constant search for the holy grail of marketing content, it is easy get tunnel vision and look for a complicated solution. Sometimes, making things simple can have a huge impact - especially if it is sharable!; GIFs (pronounced GIF, or JIF, depending on which side of the war you are on)  have proven to be exactly that.

Optimize Your Videos for Social Media

By: Lars Lindtner 

If you have considered marketing on social media, producing a video might have been one of your first thoughts. And as it turns out, promoting your business with a video on social media is a great idea. Statistics show that videos increase audience engagement – which drives conversion rates (in terms of clicks, likes, and even purchases).

Content Marketing Explained

by: Lars Lindtner

The online world is cluttered with abstract and difficult concepts; Content Marketing doesn’t need to be one. Let’s break down how you can transform your knowledge of your profession to a comprehensive marketing strategy.

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