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Liberty Talk Radio, hosted by Joe Cristiano approached us about taking his blog talk radio program to another level.  He had done some local radio on KFAQ 1170 with some regional and national coverage before we took him to a full blown YouTube Channel.  We believe that was a help and Liberty Talk Radio hopes to do more on celestial radio front in the future.  New Day Media built his current website for that purpose and we are now in the process of creating a new one where we will again take the program to another level.

The content revolves around economics and the changing world we live in. Economics takes in so many factors that it is hard not to cover relevant political guests as well as national know financial advisors. Some of his guest are national prominent experts in their fields like Peter Schiff, James Howard Kunstler, Andy Sutton and Gerald Celente.

From the beginning the focus has been to get high profile guest and with that his group has been very successful. This focus of good talent and great relevant guest has been very successful. If he continues in the same trajectory he is on we believe he can become a national YouTube sensation in political and financial circles.  into a live video stream to with the ability to add in video calls from his guests. 

 The current website is set up like a blog style site and gave his audience the ability to listen to and download, his video broadcasts and podcasts as well as tune in for live streaming. That was the easy part. The challenge lays in morphing a show that was originally designed for internet radio into a live stream video and broadcast program.  So, we put our heads together, did some research and came up with a state of the art system to broadcast his show live on his website and YouTube. Now it’s time to focus on the new format and take him back to Celestial Radio to broaden his reach.


Book Trailer

The Voice of China and Asia, came to us before the launch of their new book needing a couple of things. First the book had been written by their founder many years and that they wanted to reprint with an updated look. They also needed to update their website as well.  This entire project led from one project to the other because they felt they could trust us and depend on us.

Printing a book requires a book cover so while we were doing the design of a new book cover the marketing of the book came up. These two items being talked about at the same time developed a concept to do a radio trailer.  A radio trailer is like a movie trailer but of course just audio was used. It turned out that the cover of the book was the inspiration for the trailer.  The trailer is poster here so please listen to it while looking at the cover and the story will come alive for you. Once we finished the cover and the editing of the book for publication we helped them find a good local printer to publish the book.    

The ministry decided they wanted to give away the book but found it more cost effective to give free digital copies and thus we helped them with the task and created a simple website landing page for people to sign up to receive a free electronic copy of the book. Their first thought that all they just needed to give a PDF copy out, but quickly found our suggestion of a digital e-book better. The audience wanted a version much like the experience they had with other book reading tools like kindle and Nook. 

Once that was accomplished we then finished creating a 60 second Book Trailer for them to air on radio stations promoting their book.  We also made it available via Google Books and at the Apple Store.

Currently the 60 second audio trailer portrays a small exert from the book and directs listeners to the landing page where they can request the full book in either print or electronic formats. They also post it in their newsletters for download.


Listen Here:



Long Form Country Music Program

We had the privilege of working with Clancy Davis, a local county music singer, to create a television program that showed the man behind the music.  The project was funded by former Prepaid Legal, CEO Harland C. Stonecipher, before death in November 2014. Mr. Stonecipher was a pioneer in the field of insurance and built a multi-billion-dollar business. He was philanthropic and served his community of Ada as well as other important charities over his life.  He knew Clancy personally and wanted to invest in his talent and hired us to help to do that.

Unfortunately, Mr. Stonecipher became ill and due to his death the project did not air.  His idea was to promote Clancy’s talent with a 30-minute TV program. We went to work on the project calling it Red Clay Country where we featured 5 songs performed by Clancy and his band. The project was produced with state of the art equipment and each of the cameras were individually recorded as well as the instrumental audio and voices recorded on separate tracks. This was a massive undertaking and required us to rent out a local facility to film the music video stage portion of the show. We also had several on location shoots and on location color shooters to capture the studio activities.  We only show a portion of the show here and it is unfortunate that it did not get a chance to air.  



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