Hope you had a great year!

As we embark on 2017, we though we'd share how we experienced the past year - its successes and challenges. Although we had different things we were proud of in 2016, we all share good feelings and remain motivated to what 2017 will bring.

How We’re Making Our Videos More Dynamic

By: Lars Lindtner

For someone who is not familiar with technical video terminology, a dolly is a horizontal movement of the camera’s position. You often watch it on TV without even realizing it.  But for something that nobody notices, it is a powerful tool to make your videos more dynamic and immersive; characteristics that are attention grabbers.

Advertising Doesn't Work Anymore

By: Gary Murphy

You might find this as a strange title for my article about advertising.  I can hear the gasps and see the wrinkled brows of the majority of my LinkedIn advertising colleagues when they read this title.

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