How To Maximize Your Time, Your Employees’ Time, and Your Client’s Time

In professional sports, time management is vital to a Team’s Success. Coaches and players both need to be aware of the time remaining in the game, or for the possession and make the most of it. The same is true in business, managers and employees both need to be aware of project deadlines, and time allotments.

 If the old adage – “Time is Money” is true, then we must be effective managers of time.  So how do we as managers properly manage time? 

Follow these 5 tips to establish your brand while increasing your bottom line with Television Advertising.

In my 30 years of work in local media and advertising, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of Marketing and Advertising efforts. Many local advertisers mix up spending lots of money on the general audience and little on creating a message that both resonates with the consumer and creates a call to action.

For the past few decades, spoken words and sounds have to be available in written text in a form called Closed Captioning.

Closed Captioning which is required by the FCC for hearing impaired viewers on all broadcast television programming, can be accessed by your television’s remote by either pressing the CC button or on some television sets by going through the menu.

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