Social media provdes many benefits to your business.
Why you should implement social media in your business management and the benefits your business will reap.

By: Katie Murphy 

Social Media is important in business management because it offers value in business interactions. It makes people aware of businesses, builds trust, initiates sharing (essentially free marketing), and encourages the customer base to complete purchases of products and services; increasing your turnover rate.

Social media has opened the communication process between customers and businesses, making interactions reciprocal.  Not only does two-way conversations with customers and potential customers help those people, other people also observe the social media landscape and take note of healthy interactions.

Social Media goes beyond the two-way conversation. It also offers a good product and amazing customer service. Turning strangers into friends, turning friends into customers, and customers into evangelists. These relationships are what customers keep coming back, increasing both loyalty and retention. If those customers become advocates and increase your word-of-mouth presence, you'll start seeing amazing returns.

Providing a great place of engagement for your community and helping build valuable, authentic resources for your brand's niche, you're also building up authority for your brand within your industry. You'll find your customers increasingly trusting what you say and coming to you for resources that can help them solve their own challenges. Heck, you may even find yourself lending a hand to a competitor in the space.

Needless to say; if you don't have an active social media account - you are missing out on the soon-to-be most influential business platform there is. 

All brands start in a similar unknown place, and the more you give, the more authority you'll get back.

By Katie Murphy - Account Executive


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