New Day Captioning takes pride in providing effective captioning service.

For the past few decades, spoken words and sounds have to be available in written text in a form called Closed Captioning.

Closed Captioning which is required by the FCC for hearing impaired viewers on all broadcast television programming, can be accessed by your television’s remote by either pressing the CC button or on some television sets by going through the menu.

Closed Captioning is a metadata stream in the television broadcast signal (over the air, cable, satellite and now internet) and the television you are watching the program on has a built in Closed Captioning decoder which puts the Closed Captioning on the screen when you selected it to be on. And of course you can turn the Closed Captioning off either by de-pressing the CC button on you remote or turning it off through the menu options for your television.

Besides the FCC requiring all television programming to Closed Captioned for the hearing impaired, it should be also be noted that more than 10% of the country’s population is considered to be hearing impaired. If you didn’t have your program, commercial, documentary, infomercial, music video,  etc; Closed Captioned, there would be over 30 million people in the country not knowing what message you are trying to convey, they would only see the visual and miss what you are truly trying to say or sell.

So make sure you are able to reach 100% of the viewing public with everything you want to express when you go through the labor and financially intensive process of getting your project top air!

Here at New Day Captioning we are 100% FCC’s Closed Captioning requirements compliant but more important than that, we want to help you get your video project’s message to as many people as possible, we can distribute your programming as well by digitally delivering to stations/networks and/or by physical media also. 

By:  Michael Poorman, Captioning/distribution


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