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Hope you had a great year!

As we embark on 2017, we though we'd share how we experienced the past year - its successes and challenges. Although we had different things we were proud of in 2016, we all share good feelings and remain motivated to what 2017 will bring.


Gary Murphy's New Year Thoughts

Gary Murphy:

First, I’d like to thank all my clients. Without your continued support and loyalty, New Day Media would not be where it is today.

2016 was a tough year for just about everyone.  Our country has been going through one of the toughest economic times ever. However, we now may have some hope of change in the air.

Even though we struggled as everyone else, we were still able to do some very remarkable things this year:  We launched a new Social Media department and changed from primarily a traditional advertising agency to a digital one. Additionally, we purchased new production equipment, upgraded our website and still met all the normal advertising deadlines.  

We also produced two infomercials this year that I’m very excited about. In 2017 these two infomercials will be launched on national television and from the quality of the productions I believe we will have a great year in the infomercial-creation business.
We also look forward to building our agency as one of the fastest and most effective digital advertising agencies in our region.  Great things are in store for New Day Media this year and we look to the future with great hope and expectations.




Peter Maddux is looking forward to 2017

Peter Maddux: 

How do you measure a year?

Does the amount of money in the bank or  your Profit and Loss Statement determine how successful your year was?  Is it measured in the number of new relationships and clients?  Or are there other intangibles?  

To me what determines how successful the year was is what we did with the cards we were dealt.  And in 2016, we played one heck of a round of cards.  Some of the best moments this past year were when the staff at New Day Media started working together as a team, to accomplish the tasks set before us. The other memorablel moments were when we got to test-fly our drone, rigging up a new lens and dolly for our camera, and taking a moment to do some fun social media challenges.

As our individual employees continue to develop their talents and bring their contributions to the table, I see nothing but good things headed our way in 2017. I am excited about our new digital marketing strategy that incorporates some of the latest cutting-edge technology and look forward to helping all of our clients grow and develop their businesses.




Lars Lindtner had a great year at New Day Media

Lars Lindtner: 

Globally, 2016 was a year of turbulence and uncertainty.  Personally, however, It was the year I graduated from Rogers State University, and the year New Day Media put their faith in me. 

Throughout the summer and fall, I got to know the advertising business and adapted to the fast-paced workflow it is characterized by. Looking back, I feel satisfied knowing I gave 100% on the projects I was handed. Nobody is perfect, and no project is problem-free. But with continued support from coworkers, and even clients stopping by,  the projects didn't seem so difficult, and the deadlines didn't feel so imminent. 

I had a lot of fun in 2016, and 2017 will be no less. Some of our projects will finally air, and I get to start editing some amazing footage we shot before christmas. I smell Quality! 

I can't wait to reach for the sky in 2017; both figuratively and literally. Once we have aquired a remote pilote certificate, we can do weekly flyovers with our new drone!

Kylee Hayes aims to help our customers with their social media needs.





Kylee Hayes:

During 2016, my greatest achievement was creating graphics for commercials and banner advertisements for television, and then actually seeing them being aired.

It is very rewarding to see your finished work being used on TV. It is exciting to be able to show your family projects that you have been working on so hard.

My goals for 2017 are to complete the social media certification courses and begin working in that department. I am very excited to expand my advertising knowledge and be able to help businesses through social media.





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