How We’re Making Our Videos More Dynamic

By: Lars Lindtner

For someone who is not familiar with technical video terminology, a dolly is a horizontal movement of the camera’s position. You often watch it on TV without even realizing it.  But for something that nobody notices, it is a powerful tool to make your videos more dynamic and immersive; characteristics that are attention grabbers.

The Hallway ShotLars Lindtner at our recent mill creek video shoot using our rails.

In crime shows, the actors often walk down corridors while discussing important plot details. The actors walk down the hallways and you feel as if you are there with them; it is immersive. This is a very commonly used dolly. However, you rarely think that the camera’s position actually changes. it feels natural.

Our new toy

By setting up tracks on the floor and mounting our tripod on top of a set of wheels, we can now dolly across the scene, revealing things as they would appear to someone walking. Think about it, how many times have you seen this without even noticing? It has also opened up a completely new avenue of movement within a scene. We can now make every static "wide-shot" more interesting with some slight movement.

You saw it, but did you see it?

To keep it subconscious, the dolly needs to be smooth; that is, without any sudden abrupt movements. Our smooth rail system, which we can configure to fit any scene, allows us to do just this. We can now guide the viewer through beautiful sceneries with only one shot. We can introduce things in a more interesting and eye-catching way.

With the information overload we are experiencing today, it is important for videos to grab the viewer’s  attention. Whether you decide to advertise on TV or online (especially if you decide to go with social media), all your shots need to be eye catching and interesting. And what better way to grab attention by utilizing a technique that physically guides the viewer’s attention through the entire spot?

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